Joutsenpuisto and the Longing for Togetherness 

Joutsenpuisto is a comprehensive environmental masterpiece on the shores of Lake Kallavesi, a place for dreams, falling in love, and new encounters. 

The garden, vegetation, harmonious forms of hills and valleys, architecture, benches, and lighting are all designed to support the longing for togetherness. 

The swan is a symbol of light and purity. In the swan, you find the entire puzzle of life, visible to anyone who can admire the aesthetics of extreme purposefulness, the beauty of necessity, the boundlessness of the mind, and harmony. The swan seduces and invites you to dream; dreams are a shared way of dealing with reality and redraw them. Learning to dream and learning to dream well continues the story. Stories offer the opportunity to discover your own microcosms, hiding previously unexperienced tales that then unfold into new worlds and visual, experiential, and functional adventures. 

It’s possible that there is an increased sensitivity to perceive one’s own resources anew. 

Pekka Jylhä

Resort Manager
+358 50 475 7643

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