Puijo Tower Restaurant

Welcome to enjoy the flavors of the local area and the breathtaking views in our revolving restaurant at a height of 75 meters, Puijo Tower Restaurant.

Puijo Tower Restaurant relies on local ingredients. The nature of Savo and its producers ensure the freshness and deliciousness of our raw materials. Our goal is for the producers of the ingredients used in the Tower Restaurant to be visible from Puijo Tower. We know our producers, where the meat comes from, where the vegetables have grown, and where the bounties of nature have been gathered.

Our pride is the seasonal changing Puijo local food menu. The menu’s appetizers are served on a generous local food table, where the tastiest treats from local producers are gathered. For the main course, you can choose between meat, fish, or vegetable options based on the season, and even for dessert, you get to choose between two delights.

Local food menu €56 including a non-alcoholic welcome drink You can also order a wine package recommended for the menu for €31, non-alcoholic €19.


Resort Manager
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